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Live Music for Your Special Occasion

The Mio Baroque Trio The Mio Baroque Trio consists of three highly trained musicians: a harpsichordist, flautist and cellist. The keyboard instrument called the harpsichord, or more specifically the Italian Virginal, gives this ensemble its uniqueness and Baroque flavour. By plucking its strings instead of striking them like a piano, the sound produced is guitar-like but much fuller in tone. The Italian Virginal featured is a copy of a design built in 1640's.

The ambience evoked by the music, coupled with the elegant appearance of the musicians and instruments, add charm and grace to any celebration.

The Mio Baroque Trio performs with or without vocalists. If you wish to leave a memorable impression upon your invited guests, consider this ensemble at your wedding ceremony, reception or special occasion.

Some of the locations where the trio has performed include:

  • Boyd Park, Vaughan
  • Carnegie Museum, Dundas
  • Casa Loma, Toronto
  • Divinity College, McMaster University
  • Eaton Centre, Toronto
  • Glenn Abbey Golf Club, Oakville
  • Granite Club, Toronto
  • Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto
  • Guild Inn, Toronto
  • Hamilton Place, Hamilton
  • Hart House, University of Toronto
  • Heintzman House, Toronto
  • Knox College Cathedral, University of Toronto
  • Maclean House, Toronto
  • McMicheal Art Gallery, Kleinberg
  • Old Mill, Toronto
  • Richmond Hill Country Club, Richmond Hill
  • Royal York Hotel, Toronto
  • Scarlett Wood Golf Club, Toronto
  • Trillium Room, Ontario Place, Toronto
  • Vaughan Estates, Toronto
  • Victoria College, University of Toronto
  • York University, Toronto

as well as countless other banquet halls, hotels and houses of worship throughout Southern Ontario.

[Contact Victor] for more information (Southern Ontario only).