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Rhodes Piano Restoration

When I was a teenager I grew to love the sound of the Fender Rhodes electric piano. I really wanted to have one of these instruments but could never afford it as a teenager. I did eventually purchase one, in the early eighties, but it just wasn't the same as the ones being produced earlier. A few years ago I decided to take on the task of finding an old and beat-up vintage instrument and fully restoring it. I found this activity to be so intensely satisfying that I've decided to do it again and again.

Below are photos of a fully restored 1975, 88 key suitcase model with the following work having been done:

  • New grommets, screws, damper and key felts
  • New tolex and hardware
  • Electronic repair and adjustment
  • 2 new speakers
  • New grill cloth
  • New amp face plate
  • New Logos
  • Gold plated RCA jack
  • Case structure repair
  • and much more ...

If you have an old Rhodes piano that needs some tender loving care or would like to purchase a fully restored instrument, contact me for more information.

Fully Restored Rhodes

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