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Let me build a Zuckermann Instrument for you!

I have been building harpsichords from Zuckermann parts since about 1987, and would be delighted to construct an instrument for you based on these parts and designs for a reasonable fee. Please check the [ZHI web site] for more information on their instruments and designs, and feel free to contact me for details. We can discuss your requirements, your budget, and your timeline. Click on [Contact Me] and let's start the discussion!

Some Completed Projects

My First Instrument



KOS - Cherry and Ebonized Trim

KOS - Cherry and Ebonized Trim

Hubert Clavichord

Walnut KOS (1)

Walnut KOS (2)

ZHI Unfretted Clavichord

ZHI Unfretted Clavichord Tool Box Detail

Listing Board Detail-Bass

More Bass Detail

Listing Board-Full View

Bass Strings and Bridge Detail

ZHI KOS with many Enhancements

German-Style Lid with Papers

Closed View

Custom Rose by Elena Del Cortivo

Bridge Scroll

Brass Hardware

More Hardware

Tool Box Hinge Detail

Listing Cloth Detail